Community Amenities

NAS Key West Homes Community Center

1101 B Dewey Road

Hours of Operation:
Open only during events

The NAS Key West Homes Community Centers offer a multitude of enjoyable features for resident enjoyment. Features include a kitchen, children's room, multi-purpose room, and television. Many LifeWorks events are held at the Community Center. Spaces within the Community Center may be rented out for private events by residents. To request to rent a room, please contact the Community Management Office.

Playgrounds & Athletic Resources

Playgrounds and tot lots are located within the Sigsbee (Gilmore Rd, Sigsbee Rd), Trumbo (Mitscher Dr), and Truman Annex (United St) neighborhoods. Features include slides, swings, and other playground equipment. Basketball courts can be found within the Sigsbee (Stephen Mallory Rd) and Trumbo (Flag St) neighborhoods.

Playgrounds are provided throughout the community for resident and guest use and enjoyment. Although the playgrounds and common areas are cleaned and mowed on a scheduled basis, residents are responsible to police the area and supervise children such that the area is clean when the resident or guest leaves the area. No children under the age of ten are allowed in the playgrounds without adult supervision.